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Have you lost your funds because of your broker? You think your broker is not honest and manipulated your trades? You may be entitled to compensation of all your funds. Your rights are protected under the investor protection and financial regulations.

How much compensation you can claim

The compensation amount can be up to 100% of you lost funds. Even though the broker is legally bound to pay the compensation to you, it will most likely refuse to pay out. This is were we come in: we offer assistance and legal aid where it's required.

Submit your claim in 10 minutes...

Do you want to find out whether you can claim compensation? You can do so within 10 minutes and competely free of commitment. If you then decide to sudmit your claim our expert team will start working on your case right away in order to make sure you receive the compensation you're legally entitled to.

Our Service

·       Send your case now

·       Get assistance right away

·       95% of  cases won

·       High rating: 4.7 out of 5

·       No administrative fees

·       You only pay if we succeed

·       Online support

Get you funds back in 5 steps

1. Checking information and submitting claim

Send us your case and documents, e.g., contracts with your broker, communication with broker’s support, which doesn’t want to help you. This only takes 5 minutes!

You can submit your claim easily and quickly by answering a few simple questions. You may also send us of the following.

Communication and contracts concluded with your broker:

·       Trading or services agreement

·       Communication with your broker regarding lost fuds (if you have any)

·       Screenshots of your trading positions from your trading platform

·       Brief explanation of your case

Our lawyers will check whether you qualify for compensation. This advice is non-committal and free of charge. If case passes this check you can proceed to submit your funds recovery claim with us and authorise us to act on behalf and for you within your funds recovery case.

2. Assessment and building of your case

Our expert team will assess your legal position and start working on your case right away. 

Our financial markets data is the basis for our assessment of your claim. Additionally, we collect relevant court rulings and assess your claim against the correct legislation.

As soon as you submit your claim, our experts start working on your case. We will assess your claim and send you an email within 24 hours (business hours) letting you know whether you have a valid claim. We will also draft our first letter to the broker.

Steps we will take:

·       Checking financial markets data

·       Checking of data provided by you

·       Checking of applicable regulation and case law

·       Composing of first letter

3. Start of process: correspondence with broker

We have now composed our first letter for your case. After you approve its contents our correspondence with the broker can commence. We will keep you updated on our progress.

We have the experience and expertise to take the right steps at the right time. Brokers generally don't pay out easily, but we will make sure you receive the legal compensation by referring to the relevant legislation, regulations and case law. Throughout our process, we will always choose the quickest and most effective course of action. In the meantime, you can follow your claim's progress or get assistance from our team through your login account.

Steps we take:

·       Composing of custom-made letters

·       Correspondence with the broker

·       Debt collection process included

·       Legal proceedings included

4. Legal process

Sometimes brokers will simply refuse to pay out valid claims. In those cases, we initiate a legal process and if need be, our expert lawyers will issue legal proceedings against the broker in Regulator and (if necessary) in court.

When we take a claim to court, this leads to a payout to the investor in 98% of the cases. But regardless of the outcome, we cover the legal fees and additional costs.

·       Letter before action

·       Claim issued with the court

·       Experienced lawyer

·      95% success rate

·      No additional fees

5. Return your funds 

We will process your claim and only charge you depending on a pricing plan, which suits you most. You pay only legal office charge and 20% of the total compensation once your claim is successful. This includes any legal action we may need to take. If we lose, you won't need to pay us. So there will be no financial risk involved for you.

Check your compensation now 

We correspond with over a 100 brokers for investors from all over the World every day. With our many years of experience we can make sure you get the compensation you're entitled to.

Submit your claim now!

Simple and transparent pricing

Tell us what you need — we'll recommend the plan for you

Legal assistant

recommended for
complains up to 1'000$
  • Reviewing your case
  • Collecting all relevant evidences
  • Planning recovery strategy
  • Assistance to submit complain
    (1 legal assistant)
50$ legal office charge (upfront and non refundable)

Legal coverage

recommended for
complains between 1'000$-100'000$
  • Reviewing your case
  • Collecting all relevant evidences
  • Receiving legal opinion from best suited attorneys
  • Planning recovery strategy
  • Submitting complaint (1 legal officer supervise)
  • Following your case till resolution
20% success fee* *200$ legal office charge (upfront and non refundable)

Full scale legal intervention

recommended for
complains >100'000$
  • Reviewing your case
  • Collecting all relevant evidences
  • Receiving legal opinion from best suited attorneys
  • Consult with involved entities (regulators, processors, etc)
  • Planning recovery strategy
  • Submitting complaint (2 legal officers supervise)
  • Appellation to different entities in case of initial decline
  • Following your case till resolution
20% success fee* *500$ legal office charge (upfront and non refundable)

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