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About ForexRegulator

What does Forex Regulator do?

If you lost your funds with a broker and you think that it is broker's fault, until now you had two options: to dispute with your broker on your own or hire expensive attorney, hopefully the one, who understands specifics of OTC derivatives trading and market manipulations techniques, and pay high hourly rates.

Comparing to aforementioned two case scenarious Forex Regulator is working a different way, using insider knowledge of industry expert team.

Should you be entitled to financial compensation, we collect all relevant proof and information concerning your trades in question and take on correspondence with the respective broker on your behalf.

In certain cases, we initiate legal steps. This becomes necessary in the case that broker deny you the compensation you’re entitled to.

It isn't always easy to get your money back, but we have the knowledge and expertise to bring your claim to a successful conclusion.

Why Forex Regulator?

We have the data, technology and know-how to analyse each individual investor case. With this knowledge we are able to enforce your right to financial compensation. Our customer service is fast, easy and transparent throughout. Our young and dynamic team of multilingual experts comes from different backgrounds; together we combine our knowledge to a rich source of expertise. What makes Forex Regulator different? Our commitment to transparency and superior customer service.

Who or what is London Wolt LP?

London Wolt LP is the title of our fraud investigations and asset recovery firm that specializes in forex and binary options and therefore our official company name, which is providing Forex Regulator service. When corresponding with the brokers, this is the name we use.  Besides, we offer our service through different platforms globally. However, you will receive the same service regardless of which website you submit your claim on.

About your rights

What rights do I have?

You have a right to be treated in a fair and transparent way by your broker; to be provided with clear and relevant information; and to be provided with financial products that match your needs and investment objectives.

You have a right to be compensated, if you lost your funds because of your brokers' negligence or fraudulent dealing.

What are the obligations of my broker?

Brokers are obliged to be properly authorized to provide their services to customers. They are obliged to treat their customers in a fair and transparent way and put customers interests at the centre of their business models and corporate culture.

Moreover, brokers are obliged to prevent conflicts of interest. Many of these conflicts of interest arise as a result of the remuneration models adopted by firms in forex and binary sector, for example when the firm is the other side of the client’s trade or if the firm or other relevant parties are remunerated based on the volume or value of trades placed by retail clients speculating in CFDs, binary options and rolling spot forex. In other words, firms are interested that their clients trade in high volumes and on high values of trades. Therefore, brokers must refrain from such behaviour and put in place conflict of interest prevention policies.

Is there any guarantee on my deposits and financial instruments with my broker?

Only brokers with proper authrizations from  sound jurisdictions have obligation to observe prudential rules on investor protection at all times, including rules the purpose of which is to protect as far as possible investor's rights in respect of money or instruments belonging to them. However, no system of supervision can provide complete protection, particularly where acts of fraud are committed.

About the claiming process

I have a question about my claim, can I reach the claims team by telephone?

We only process claims in written form and are able to answer your questions in writing only by email. This is key in making sure the dossier for your claim is built consistently and correctly, which may be of legal importance at a later stage. Additionally, this method will allow us to retrieve all relevant information in your dossier at all times. Questions will be answered within 3-5 business days maximum by our claims team by email.

You have asked me to singn confidentiality agreement. Why is this necessary?

In order to process your claim successfully, we use special "know-how" ivestigative techniques. To prevent brokers adapting to our investigation and legal process and conduting their business, they should not be aware of our investigative and claim processing procedure. Moreover, the confidentiality agreement helps us maintain the privacy of our clients. 

You have asked me to sign a power of attorney form. Why is this necessary?

In order to correspond with third parties, brokers often require a power of attorney form to be provided. This is a form on which the investors declare that we are authorised to process and submit their claim on their behalf. We ask all investors to sign this form.

Please note this may not be done digitally (however, once the form is signed, it can be scanned or photographed).

My broker has requested my bank account details. Should I give these to my broker?

In some cases, your broker will contact you directly for a payment. Please always consult with the claims team before you provide your details, for instance in order to check whether the amount offered is correct. By providing your bank account details to your broker, you may also accept any deal you are being offered. Please also be careful when providing bank or credit card details to third parties; scammers could pose as a broker and obtain sensitive information from you. Never disclose the so-called CVC code that is printed on the back of credit cards.

You have asked to provide a copy of my identification. Why is this necessary?

In some cases we require a copy of your passport or identification card. There are two reasons for this. Your broker needs to be able to verify whether the information correspond with the traiding account details to determine whether the person is in fact an investor. Secondly, the broker may want to check whether the correct person mandated us. They can determine this by cross-checking the signed power of attorney form with the passport.

Further questions

My question isn't answered here. What should I do?

If you have a question that isn't answered here, you can always email us your question at [email protected] We will answer your question as soon as possible (within 3-5 business days maximum).

I'm interested in finding a position or internship with Forexregulator. Where can I find your current job openings?

If you are interested in the job openings, please email us at [email protected]